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Tail Light Assemblies

Tail light assemblies are essential parts to a vehicle that provide the necessary lighting to ensure the safety of any driver and those around them. They are often overlooked, yet they are one of the most important lighting components of a vehicle. Tail lights are responsible for providing visibility and allowing other drivers to detect a car's location or direction at night or during periods of low visibility.

When shopping for tail light assemblies, some factors to consider include size, style, type, and compatibility with your vehicle. Size and style will greatly depend on the particular model of your vehicle, and can range from LED, euro-style, sports-style, Euro-style blacked out, and more. Make sure to double check the specifications for your vehicle prior to making a purchase.

In regards to types of tail lights, there are several different options, including factory-style, LED, euro-style, sport-style, and Euro-style blacked out. Factory-style tail lights are often made of plastic and are direct replacements for factory pieces. LED tail lights are composed of LED units placed in a housing to create an illuminated look. They are usually more efficient than traditional bulbs, as well as brighter, and come in a variety of colors and styles.

Euro-style tail lights feature sleek, modern lines and are designed to give your car an updated look. Although traditional plastic lenses can be used, these come with polycarbonate lenses which are designed to endure high impact and resist fading from the sun. Sport-style tail lights provide the same illumination at night as standard lights, but offer a more aggressive look, usually with smoked lenses. Finally, Euro-style blacked-out tail lights are totally blacked out with no exposed bulbs, and have a unique style that looks great on modern vehicles.

When selecting the right tail light assembly for your vehicle, make sure to verify that it is compatible with your year, make, and model. Verify which bulbs or LEDs are required, and consider purchasing a universal wiring harness to make the installation process safer and easier. If you have any doubts, it is best to consult with a professional or research further before making a purchase.

A quality tail light assembly is a great way to ensure safety and add style to your vehicle. Whether you choose from a factory-style, LED, Euro-style, sport-style, or Euro-style blacked-out option, your car will look great and be much safer for all drivers on the road.

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