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Towels - Essential Golf Accessories

Golfers of all skill levels understand towles are an essential on-course accessory. Towels allow golfers to keep their clubs, balls and accessories clean, wipe dirt and grime from their hands and remove perspiration from their face and brow.

The type of towel a golfer uses is dependent on persoanl preference. While most golf towels are made of absorbent microfibers, some are made of terry cloth, are printed with sporting team logos or edged with fringe.

Whichever type of towel a golfer chooses, its main purpose is to keep the golfer's equipment and grips clean. To keep a club clean and dry, a golfer should wrap the head of the club with a cloth or towel. For woods and hybrids, this prevents head covers from becoming soiled or wet. If golfers see dirt or oils on their putter, they can give it a quick scrub with a dampened towel.

When using a golf cart, many golfers use a towel to protect the seats from becoming soiled. A heavy-duty towel can also be spread over the seat of a golf cart to prevent staining. Keeping the golf cart seats clean and dry helps maintain their value.

In addition to cleaning clubs, towels are useful for removing perspiration from the golfer's hands and face. Before starting a hole, golfers often keep a damp towel near their feet as a reminder to keep their hands clean. During the round, players may choose to carry a smaller, light-weight towel they can keep in their pocket or attach to their bag.

No matter what type of towel a golfer chooses, they'll find that it's an essential accessory on the golf course. Not only will it help keep the golfer's equipment clean and dry but it'll keep their playing partners happy as well.

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