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Selector Switch Boxes

What are Selector Switch Boxes?

Selector switch boxes are devices used to manage the routing of audio and video signals in electronic systems. They are typically connected to multiple inputs, such as DVD players, gaming consoles, digital television receivers and other AV sources. The selector switch box can then be used to route any of the connected inputs to an output device like a TV or amplifier.

The main purpose of a selector switch box is to select which input will be routed to the output. This is achieved by rotating a dial, pressing a button, or both. Most switch boxes also offer additional features like volume control, equalization and remote control capability. Selector switch boxes are widely used in commercial and residential audio/video systems in order to have an easier way of managing multiple inputs.

How Selector Switch Boxes Can Help Home Entertainment Systems

Selector switch boxes are very helpful for households that need to manage multiple audio/video sources, such as having multiple gaming consoles and streaming services. By connecting all of the inputs to the switch box, and then running a single cable from the box to the home theater system, it’s easy to switch from one source to another quickly. It also simplifies the setup process since there’s no need to plug and unplug cables every time you want to switch inputs.

In addition, with many selector switch boxes having remote capabilities, it’s very convenient to switch inputs without having to get up. Also, some devices offer interfaces that allow you to use touchscreens or mobile apps to switch between inputs, which is great if you frequently switch between multiple sources.

Types of Selector Switch Boxes

There are different types of selector switch boxes available on the market today. The most common type is the manual selector switch box, which has physical switches or knobs that you need to manually adjust to switch between inputs. There are also toggle and rotary switch boxes, which provide additional features like volume control and equalization. Another type of selector switch box is the programmable switch box, which allows you to customize the switching settings and control them through a PC or mobile device.

Lastly, there are automated switch boxes that can sense when there are new inputs present and switch accordingly. Automated switch boxes are usually very expensive but are great for businesses that need to manage multiple audio/video sources.


In conclusion, selector switch boxes are devices used to manage the routing of audio and video signals in electronic systems. They are useful for households that have multiple gaming consoles and streaming services, since they simplify the setup process and allow users to easily switch between sources. There are several types of selector switch boxes available, ranging from manual to automated, which offer different features. So before purchasing a selector switch box, be sure to do your research and determine which type best meets your needs.

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