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Electric guitar pickups are an essential element of any electric guitar and will have a big impact on your sound. Pickups are the devices that convert string vibration into an electrical signal, which is then amplified and sent to an amp or preamp. They create the distinctive sound of an electric guitar. There are different types of pickups that all provide a unique tone and response. Pickup covers are also important and can affect the sound and offer some protection for the pickups.

Types of Pickups

The two main types of pickups used in electric guitars are humbucking pickups and single-coil pickups. Humbucking pickups, short for “humbucking coil”, are two single-coil pickups wound together that kills 60-cycle hum, so it is quieter. Because of this, humbucking pickups are noiseless and offer a more powerful and punchy tone compared to single-coil pickups. Single-coil pickups have a bright and twangy sound that is heard in classic blues and rock music. Among single-coil pickups, there are variations like Stratocaster pickups that have three single-coils for a richer sound.

Pickup Covers

Pickup covers not only protect the delicate coils and wires from damage, but they also affect the sound slightly by providing a layer of insulation between the strings and the pickup. They are usually made of metal, chrome, or plastic and come in various shapes and colors. For humbucking pickups, you can also buy covers that reduce hum. Some people prefer to remove the covers as they think that it improves the tone by removing the barrier between the strings and the pickup.

Factors Affecting Sound Output

When choosing pickups and pickup covers, you should consider what type of guitar you are using and the type of sound you want. The material used in the pickup covers and the shape of the pickup will both have an effect on the sound. That being said, the best way to find out which pickups and pickup covers suit you is to experiment with different combinations and see what sounds best to you.


In conclusion, electric guitar pickups and pickup covers are essential elements of any electric guitar. Different types of pickups provide unique tones and responses, while pickup covers can affect the sound and offer some protection. The choice of pickups and pickup covers should be based on the type of guitar, the style of music, and personal preference. The best way to find out which pickups and pickup covers are right for you is to experiment and see what sounds best.

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