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Numeric Keypads

What Are Numeric Keypads?

Numeric keypads are devices designed for the input of numbers and symbols. Rather than relying on a traditional computer keyboard with number keys located at the top, numeric keypads feature dedicated keys just for numbers and symbols. Usually, these keypads are small in size and compact in design, making them easy to transport and great for limited workspace areas. Specialty numeric keypads can include additional features, like shortcut keys to help make data input quicker or backlighting for use in low-light settings.

Types of Numeric Keypads

Numeric keypads come in several types and configurations, depending on the user's needs. Wired and wireless models are both available and may be equipped with either USB or PS/2 connections. Additionally, some models feature hot switch keys, which allow the user to assign commands and functions to certain keys, eliminating the need for multiple keystrokes and mouse clicks. There are also ergonomic versions designed for more comfortable typing, as well as ones featuring a touchpad for easy navigation.

Applications for Numeric Keypads

Numeric keypads are commonly used in retail and office environments to speed up data entry. They can usually be found attached to cash registers, POS terminals, and other similar machines. Additionally, certain medical and industrial applications, such as hospital patient admission systems, may utilize numeric keypads as well. Furthermore, they are an essential component of ten-key data entry, which is used widely in accounting and other financial services.

Advantages of Numeric Keypads

Numeric keypads offer a variety of benefits over traditional keyboards. Aside from being smaller and more portable, they provide fast and accurate data input. They also reduce fatigue since users need only to use their fingers to press the number keys. For those working in industries requiring high accuracy and speed, numeric keypads can increase productivity and help save time.


Numeric keypads are an invaluable input device for anyone needing to quickly and accurately input numerical data. With a wide range of models and features available, it’s easy to find a numeric keypad that will meet specific individual or industrial needs. If you’re working in a field that requires frequent data entry, a numeric keypad may be an ideal option for quickly and accurately entering information.

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