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Drawing & Lettering Aids

Drawing & Lettering Aids

Drawing and lettering aids are materials used to assist in accurate drawing and lettering. Artists, architects, illustrators and other persons who use these tools, benefit from increased accuracy, control, and precision when creating their work. Drawing and lettering tools help to produce a clean, professional look that would be difficult to achieve with freehand drawing.

Drawing and lettering aids come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and range in price from the low to the high end. Professional grade drawing aids may cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. There are, however, some basic essentials which are necessary for any aspiring artist regardless of budget.

Rulers – Rulers are essential for creating straight lines and consistent measurements. They come in a variety of sizes and styles including standard rulers, triangular rulers and adjustable rulers.

Compasses – Compasses are used to draw circles and arcs of any size or radius. They may also be used to draw angles such as right angles and other shapes. Most compasses are adjustable and may be used for multiple applications.

Protractors – Protractors are used to measure and draw angles. They typically come with a “hinged” design, allowing users to adjust the angle of the protractor. Some protractors may be equipped with a dial to measure angles more accurately.

Curves and Templates – Curves and templates are useful for more intricate designs than can be achieved with straight rulers and compasses. Both curves and templates typically come in different sizes and shapes, and allow artists to draw circles, ellipses, stars, and more. Many templates are adjustable and may have interchangeable pieces.

Transfer Paper – Transfer paper, or tracing paper, is used to transfer or copy a design or drawing onto another surface. It allows the user to trace an image without having to redraw it, and is a great way to transfer a design onto a new surface. Transfer paper comes in a variety of colors, tonalities, and weights.

Light Boxes - Lightboxes are helpful for transferring drawings onto large surfaces. The light box illuminates both the original and the new surface, making it easier to line up and trace an image. This can be especially helpful for larger murals or works.

Drawing Stencils – Drawing stencils are a great tool for creating more detailed designs. They are basically intricate templates that allow the user to easily create complex designs. Stencils come in a variety of styles, including geometric, floral, and abstract.

These are just a few of the many drawing and lettering aids available. With the right tools, you can create precise and accurate works of art with ease. Whether you’re an artist, illustrator, or just someone who enjoys drawing, having the right tools will make your artwork stand out and look professional.

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