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Diamond Blades

Diamond blades are one of the most popular saw blades for both professional and DIY applications. Diamond blades are designed to cut through a wide range of materials such as concrete, brick, stone, ceramic tiles, aluminum, steel, and more. When selecting a diamond blade, it is important to consider the size, shape, grit and performance requirements of the particular application.

One of the most popular types of diamond blades is the segmented diamond blade. This type of blade features segments that are laser-welded to the core of the blade. Segmented diamond blades are ideal for cutting hard materials like concrete, brick and stone due to their aggressive cutting action. They are also great for wet cutting applications because the individual segments allow for a smoother cut than solid body blades which could cause excessive vibration when cutting in these types of applications.

Continuous rim diamond blades are another popular option for tile work. These blades feature a continuous rim that is designed to provide smooth, chip-free cuts. Continuous rim diamond blades are optimal for making very clean and precise cuts in ceramics and other brittle materials. The continuous rim also helps reduce chipping and marring of surfaces when cutting delicate materials like glass or marble.

Turbo blade diamond blades are a great choice for high-speed applications. These blades have a special design that is made to reduce friction, therefore allowing the blade to cut faster than traditional diamond blades. Turbo blade diamond blades are popular for general purpose cutting jobs like asphalt and metal, as well as more specific jobs like masonry and stone.

Finally, there are combo diamond blades which combine all of the features of the above blades into one. The combo blade provides an aggressive cutting action and fast cutting speeds while still offering chip-free cuts in a variety of materials. This type of blade is especially useful for general contractors who need one blade to handle multiple tasks.

When selecting the right diamond blade for your project, it is important to consider all of the variables, such as the material you’re cutting, the speed of the cut, and the cost of the blade. Taking the time to find the correct blade for your particular job can be greatly beneficial in the long run, as it will allow for smoother, more efficient and accurate cuts that result in better finished products.

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